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We have created especially for our fans an Exclusively ebook with 30 creative ways to use an Emergency Thermal Blanket. Below you can find 10 of them.
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We’ve put some great resources in it and we hope it would be really helpful for you to get inspired. Also, with a little creativity, you can probably find even more ways to use your emergency blanket.

  1. Use them as ground cover for camping
    When you’re out in the cold, the last thing you want is to end up sitting on rain-soaked grass or mud. Also, when out of doors, bugs and critters are inevitable and, often, unavoidable. Your survival blanket will provide a layer of protection and can help evade them in your territory – although it really is theirs. By lying one of these blankets under your tent, shelter, or sleeping bag, you create a barrier between you and the ground, making it harder for those pests to creep in. This will also prevent your area from becoming damp.
  2. Use them to dry your clothes
    With its reflective material, emergency blankets can help aid the drying of wet clothes – this is excellent when you’re out camping! By placing damp/wet clothing atop the blanket, under the sun, they will dry faster than when hanging on a tree branch or lying over the back of a chair.
  3. Use them to waterproof supplies
    An emergency blanket is completely waterproof and this makes it ideal to wrap or shield items from falling water. Wilderness survivalists used to backpack items wrapped in a Mylar blanket in order to keep them dry when crossing rivers. You can keep the contents of your backpack dry by placing everything on the blanket then wrapping it prior to placing it in the pack. Others used to wrap foods and other vital items in an emergency blanket and bury it when leaving the campsite. This would protect their items from wild animals or wanderers that would stumble into their campsite.
  4. Use them to gather water
    If you’re ever in a situation where access to emergency water is both critical and limited, an emergency blanket can be used to gather rainwater or to trap condensation in the morning.
    If you’re trying to use the blanket for gathering water all you have to do is tie the blanket up with some paracord and create a funnel so water naturally travels down the path of the blanket into your rain catcher.
    If you want to use it to attract morning dew one of the best things to do is lay the blanket out flat and slightly elevated off of the ground (this allows cool air to travel under the blanket and promote the formation of condensation). Then when the morning comes grab the blanket by all four corners forcing the dew to the center and then guide the water into a container.
  5. Use them as INSULATION
    An emergency blanket makes a great insulator from the cold. Use it to help fortify your sleeping bag, if you’re fortunate to have one. Cut a blanket up and stuff it into your shoes and gloves or wrap them around the hands and feet to help keep them warm. This will also help to keep your hands and feet dry. Remember that the fingers and toes are more sensitive to frostbite, so they should be kept dry and warm if possible!
  6. Use them as PILLOW
    Don’t let your arm go numb by resting on it all night! Instead, grab your emergency blanket and use it as a pillow! Simply fold it into an appropriate shape and stuff it with clothing, leaves, or other available soft material, then secure the ends to one another. As your head emits your body heat, the pillow will retain the warmth – making for so best night’s sleep on the ground that you’ll ever have!
  7. Use them as TRAIL MARKERS
    Walking around in circles isn’t helpful for anyone, nor is retracing ground you’ve already covered during a search. Tear your emergency blanket into several small pieces. As you walk, place them on the ground as trail markers for you to easily find your way back later. Of course, be sure to “lock them down” with the resources around you – dirt, sticks, rocks, etc. You could also cut them into long, thin strips and tie them around trees and branches. Also, these small strips of emergency blanket will catch the light of a flashlight after dark.
  8. Use them as WINDSHIELD COVER
    Emergency blankets can keep help protect your car in the following situations: after driving, while the car is still warm, placing a blanket on the outside of the windshield (tucking the ends into the doors) can help prevent ice buildup on the glass overnight; on the contrary, placing a blanket on the inside of the windshield (again, tucking the ends into the doors), with the reflective side outward faced, can help evade the sun’s rays and keep the inside of the car cool.
  9. Use them in first aid
    You can use an emergency blanket to fashion a makeshift sling to help better immobilize a broken or sprained arm or use it as a tourniquet in an extreme emergency. Use strips of it to tie sticks to a leg or arm to create a splint for injured limbs. It can also act as an impromptu compression bandage if needed as well.
    Fish, much like crows, love shiny things, and they’re sure to come to investigate. So strips of a blanket used as lures would better attract them than just a hook. By simply cutting the blanket into small pieces, attach them to your fishing line to use as lures. Also, an emergency blanket makes for a clean and large enough surface on which to clean fish or field dress game. Keep the dirt off your meat!

Emergency thermal blankets, also known Mylar blankets or Space blankets were originally developed by NASA in 1964 for space exploration. In 1973 during a launch parasol-type sunshield made of this kind of material helped to save Skylab after the spacecraft lost a heat shield during launch and began to overheat. Using similar technology that was used by NASA, Nordic Ant Emergency Blanket was created to be used by people on earth. So you can rely on them with confidence.

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