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The Ultimate Checklist For Your Next Major Hike

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The Only Hiking Checklist You Need For Major Hikes One of the most beautiful experiences is to bask under the pristine views of the mountains. Not only is hiking an amazing hobby, but a way to be one with nature while relaxing. However, it isn’t just about the view you’ll see, but also the journey, which can be quite difficult if you don’t have everything you need. It’s crucial to pack smartly, bringing with you all the necessities without weighing you down. But what do you need for your next…read more

The First Lesson When Hiking with Kids: Be Prepared for Rapid Weather Changes!

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Last weekend we decided to go for an easy hike with some of our friends. Why did we decide on an easy hike? Because my two-year-old daughter “decided” that she was going to accompany us on this hike. The total distance was 15 km (9 miles) with 930 meters (3,051 feet) ascending and the total time was around 8 hours. It was fun. She was excited as well. The weather was close to perfect. We began our hike from our campsite. Our campsite was in a forest of tall Norway…read more

Thru-Hiking: What Is a Thru-Hike?

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THRU HIKING Hiking as we know is used to describe an adventure that involves long walks across the countryside. Hiking can take hours or days and it can be a daunting, yet interesting task. Hiking alone can be stressful but imagine how stressful taking long walks of over 2000 miles that can go on for weeks or months whilst having to complete the said journey at a specified time can be. These types of walks are called thru-hiking and because they are really stressful, it takes a lot of preparations…read more

Hiking Essentials for Winter and Summer Trails

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The lure of the outdoors and hitting the trails draws people in the Winter and Summer seasons. Each season offers varied and exhilarating advantages including, sight lines pronouncing new views not visible during summer when trees block the way. You experience wildlife which are more visible in certain environments. And many hikers wait for the cooler fall and even winter temperatures. This article is geared toward day hikes, but each section is important if you are on your own, with a hiking buddy or an experienced hike leader. Preparation is…read more

Hiking trails in the Carnic Alps – Karnische Höhenweg

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On the Trail of History The „Karnische Höhenweg“ is a long distance hiking trail. It starts at the Tyrolian town of Sillian and leads 150 kilometers along the border between Austria and Italy, through the Karnian alps, all the way to Villach. Beautiful nature and mountain tops, many of which are more than 3000 meters high, guarantee for astonishing views. The trail itself is at an altitude between 1800 and 2200 meters above sea level. To complete the whole trail, you should plan about 7-10 days, depending on your fitness…read more

New York State Parks Outdoor Adventures

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Outdoor activities surrounded by majestic mountains are just a few hours north of the hustling, traffic ridden, stressful – but great city – climate of New York’s Manhattan island in the beautiful, healthy, relaxing mountain ranges of Harriman/Bear Mountain, The Adirondacks and Catskill State Parks. The Catskills and Adirondacks are called New York State Parks, but are actually Forest Preserves. and all three parks offer a variety of short and rugged hiking trails, full camping sites and a variety of water sports that cater to families and outdoor groups. Harriman/Bear…read more

How to Choose the Perfect Backpack

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The perfect backpack for adventuring out in the wilderness is light, water-resistant, is big enough to fit all your gear and has many compartments. But the most important fact, which is often forgotten, is that the perfect backpack is comfortable to carry. No one is eager to have a sore back and shoulders. So, what must be considered when choosing an adventure backpack? Finding the bag Usually, the best place to find a high-quality backpack is your local outdoor shop. You could also find great deals on the internet, but…read more

What to Pack for a Day Hike

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The essentials you don’t want to leave home without. Packing your bag for a day hike can be a task in itself, especially when you have gone on a hike or two before and you end up in a situation where you tell yourself, ” I could’ve really used that!” After saying this a few times myself, I’ve become quite efficient on what to pack even for a short 5- mile hike. You really never know what can happen when out exploring the great outdoors, so below are a few…read more

How to create an Emergency Survival Shelter from Emergency Thermal Blanket

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Necessary items: 1 or 2 Thermal Blankets 40 ft (12m) of rope (tendon) 1/16 inch (2mm). Also, similar stuff could be used. Small chunks of wood or other stuff that could be found around when building the shelter. The shelter can be built with only 1 blanket, or with 2 as well, depending on your necessity. Also, this shelter can be easily adapted according to the weather (sunny days, rain, wind, snow… summer, winter or any time of the year). Because the Emergency Thermal (Mylar) Blankets are compact, ultra-light and…read more

Do you love the outdoors, hiking, camping? Find out 10 ways to use an Emergency Blankets.

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We have created especially for our fans an Exclusively ebook with 30 creative ways to use an Emergency Thermal Blanket. Below you can find 10 of them. If you are curious about this ebook and want to find out more, click on this link and scroll till the end. We’ve put some great resources in it and we hope it would be really helpful for you to get inspired. Also, with a little creativity, you can probably find even more ways to use your emergency blanket. Use them as ground…read more