How to Choose the Perfect Backpack

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The perfect backpack for adventuring out in the wilderness is light, water-resistant, is big enough to fit all your gear and has many compartments. But the most important fact, which is often forgotten, is that the perfect backpack is comfortable to carry. No one is eager to have a sore back and shoulders. So, what must be considered when choosing an adventure backpack?

Finding the bag
Usually, the best place to find a high-quality backpack is your local outdoor shop. You could also find great deals on the internet, but remember, that you cannot try those on before ordering.
A few key factors need to be considered. Choose a bag, that fits your size. You do not want an oversized bag. However, most modern backpacks can be adjusted to fit almost any size. Make sure that the shoulder straps are comfortable. Fitting waist straps are even more important, since most of the weight should be sitting on your waist to ease off the pressure on your shoulders. Cushioned waist straps help to make hour long hikes with equipment feel like a walk in the park. Small compartments on the waist straps are great to have items at hand fastly.
When you pick up a backpack to try it on, it will most certainly be empty. However, you will not be carrying an empty backpack on your adventures. Fill the bag with some stuff to give it volume. Pick some sleeping bags or blankets and put them in. Now you get a better feeling on how it will feel when filled.
If you are in a store, checking out all the alternatives, let a salesclerk consult you. They will most certainly know about the latest models and how to fit them.

Fitting the bag
You are heading out on an adventure. Put on your backpack and start with adjusting the shoulder straps. The weight distribution should be the same on each shoulder. Close the waist strap and pull it tight. Now there should be way less weight on your shoulders. The weight now sits on your waist. If that is not the case, adjust the shoulder straps in a way, that the waist straps are placed right on or slightly above your waist.
Take your time to fit your bag and find the most comfortable setting. It is time well spent!

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