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Thru-Hiking: What Is a Thru-Hike?

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THRU HIKING Hiking as we know is used to describe an adventure that involves long walks across the countryside. Hiking can take hours or days and it can be a daunting, yet interesting task. Hiking alone can be stressful but imagine how stressful taking long walks of over 2000 miles that can go on for weeks or months whilst having to complete the said journey at a specified time can be. These types of walks are called thru-hiking and because they are really stressful, it takes a lot of preparations…read more

How to Choose the Perfect Backpack

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The perfect backpack for adventuring out in the wilderness is light, water-resistant, is big enough to fit all your gear and has many compartments. But the most important fact, which is often forgotten, is that the perfect backpack is comfortable to carry. No one is eager to have a sore back and shoulders. So, what must be considered when choosing an adventure backpack? Finding the bag Usually, the best place to find a high-quality backpack is your local outdoor shop. You could also find great deals on the internet, but…read more