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Hiking Essentials for Winter and Summer Trails

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The lure of the outdoors and hitting the trails draws people in the Winter and Summer seasons. Each season offers varied and exhilarating advantages including, sight lines pronouncing new views not visible during summer when trees block the way. You experience wildlife which are more visible in certain environments. And many hikers wait for the cooler fall and even winter temperatures. This article is geared toward day hikes, but each section is important if you are on your own, with a hiking buddy or an experienced hike leader. Preparation is…read more

What to Pack for a Day Hike

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The essentials you don’t want to leave home without. Packing your bag for a day hike can be a task in itself, especially when you have gone on a hike or two before and you end up in a situation where you tell yourself, ” I could’ve really used that!” After saying this a few times myself, I’ve become quite efficient on what to pack even for a short 5- mile hike. You really never know what can happen when out exploring the great outdoors, so below are a few…read more