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Activist groups fight for Environmental Changes

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With over 140 active toxic plumes polluting Long Island groundwater, how can the drinking water be protected? Erosion has been battering the shorelines for decades and now we see the accelerated effects of climate change with rising water levels and increased intensity of storms and hurricanes. Grassroots activists and responsible lawmakers are busy proposing legislation and educating members and the public on the environmental issues facing Long Island. The entire Atlantic coast has been under duress from climate change creating the need for coastal protection. In addition, New York State…read more

Thru-Hiking: What Is a Thru-Hike?

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THRU HIKING Hiking as we know is used to describe an adventure that involves long walks across the countryside. Hiking can take hours or days and it can be a daunting, yet interesting task. Hiking alone can be stressful but imagine how stressful taking long walks of over 2000 miles that can go on for weeks or months whilst having to complete the said journey at a specified time can be. These types of walks are called thru-hiking and because they are really stressful, it takes a lot of preparations…read more