• Reflects and Retains up to 90% of Your Body Heat
  • Helps Prevent Hypothermia, Reflects the Heat from a Fire
  • Reusable, Waterproof and Windproof
  • Compact Design and Lightweight
  • Ideal for Survival Situations, Building a Shelter


Silver side inside – Keeping Warm

Gold side inside – Keeping Cold

The Space blanket, also known as Mylar blanket was originally designed by NASA in 1973 for space exploration, protecting Apollo and Skylab. The material is made of a strong, plastic, vacuum-metallized film with an efficient, infrared-reflective coating of aluminum applied as a vapor. Using similar technology that is used by NASA, we were able to create Nordic Ant Emergency Blanket for people to be used on Earth.

You will get an extra BONUS, a Multipurpose orange Drawstring Bag with the Morse Code printed on the back side – that could be used in an Emergency.


Camping, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Marathons, Trekking, Backpacking, Mountaineering, Fishing, Rain, Snow, Survival, First Aid, Outdoors.

Use As

Animal Rescue, Signage, Clothing Dryer, Tablecloth, Shelter, Cleaning Meat, Solar Over, Waterproofing, Arm sling, Water Gathering, Heat Reflection, Trail Marker, Signaling, Poncho, Canopy, Ground Cover.

EXCLUSIVE Free e-book! 30 Creative ways of using an emergency thermal blanket

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